WP3. Learning, belonging and re-imagining

WP3 focuses on CYP’s understandings of treescapes’ values and dis/benefits, and the opportunities and barriers to access and inclusion. Working with diverse groups of very young children, primary and high school students, and young adults in the Northern Forest region (Manchester) and Scotland (Aberdeen, Bennachie) we will investigate the relationships between CYP and trees, and the affordances of treescapes in fostering learning, belonging and hope: all of which are critical to ensuring sustainable futures. Supporting and enhancing the distinct strands of inquiry in each sub-work package, interdisciplinary, cross-sector, intergenerational Critical Discussion labs led by Kraftl, Carr and Siebers will be embedded throughout the WP to foster the development of shared theoretical, epistemological, and methodological innovation, and to employ ‘utopia as method’ in the pursuit of hopeful futures. A PhD candidate, funded by Manchester Metropolitan University, will support co-design and delivery across the WP, with a focus on integrating critical race theory into childhood and youth studies and ecological inquiry. They will be supervised by Pahl and Nunn.

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