Treescapes Strategy Group

The project will be guided by a Treescapes Strategy Group (TSG), led by PI Pahl, with lead Co-Is Kraftl, Carr and Nunn. Members of this group will be drawn from partners with expertise in policy and practice (e.g. Natural England, Forest Research), emerging CYP- leaders participating in WP3, and Investigators from across key project disciplines. The TSG will provide intellectual and practical leadership for the project and facilitate the flow of information and knowledge to, from and across Work Packages, and into policy and practice. Child and youth TSG representatives will receive mentorship and have their contribution recognised through the awarding of AQA qualifications. Cross-project knowledge sharing will be facilitated by the project website and via a) an initial whole-of-project Critical Discussion Lab and co-design workshop, b) a monthly online seminar series to build transdisciplinary knowledge and understandings, and c) knowledge sharing visits where each field site hosts researchers, CYP, and partners from other field sites to share reflections.

ETHICS: Our project will be co-produced with CYP and families.  We will draw on Kate Pahl’s ESRC funded work on co-produced ethics ( to develop a co-produced ethics plan. With CYP representatives from our Treescapes Strategy Group, we will co-produce an ethics and values statement that we will adhere to for the duration of the project, and regularly return to as a living document. Ethics will be a standing item on the Treescapes Strategy Group, and on project meeting agendas where we will both ensure compliance and revise as appropriate.

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