4.1 Testing and refining approaches

In Year Three, child and youth co-researchers from WP3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 will work with co-investigators (led by Nunn and Pahl), the two PDRAs from Cumbria and Manchester Met, to work with Mersey Forests to support new cohorts of marginalised children and young people in Merseyside, to engage in treescapes research and practice. The CYP will be recruited through Mersey Forest. The Aberdeen projects will work with Woodside School and Aberdeen City Council to do the same. Refining and applying the methods and findings co-produced in Year Two, these projects provide the opportunity to test our approaches to facilitating CYP engagement with treescapes in a new setting, with a focus on barriers as well as opportunities, before disseminating them more widely. These projects will also provide CYP co-researchers from the original projects with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as ‘treescape ambassadors’, to enable peer education and foster CYP-led knowledge transfer, and support the development of translocal communities of children and young people caring for treescapes. This enables a layer of replicability to be embedded within the project.