3.3. Seeing the Future of Treescapes through outdoor learning (primary)

WP3.3 will explore how primary school children talk about nature and the value of trees in their lives. The children themselves will explore how they can become more attached to, and appreciative of, nature in order to actively engage with forest protection as a principle during their childhood years, and as a commitment during their future adult life.


The team will use methods such as mobile audio-recordings, walking along interviews, creative arts and short films to explore treescapes, with a focus on children’s knowledge informing an understanding of the opportunities and barriers to engagement. Academic and child co-researchers will collaborate to understand how sensing materials, arts methods, and quantitative approaches to tree mapping can be combined to attend to children’s experiences of treescapes.

Curricula resources for the Chartered College of Teaching.
We will actualise the link between the future of treescapes in the UK and childhood outdoor learning in primary education through the planting of a treescape, and with Weatherall, Owen and Carr from the tree-twinning team, providing the tools to measure and monitor carbon sequestration and bio diversity accumulation as the treescape develops, in the school grounds, with Manchester City of Trees.
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